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Story behind my vintage shop...

Hi, my name is Karin and I'm Czech girl.

We reallocated to beautiful Portugal last year with my partner Paul and our two cats Viva & Tobi from England, where we lived past 17 years 


I moved to London when I was 24 years old.

I immediately fell in love with that city, I loved the buzz and those fashion shops everywhere!

Very soon clothes & accessories became my passion - I enjoyed browsing shopping malls & putting outfits together to wear to all these endless different occasions to go to in such cosmopolitan city.

It was fun and great experience which I'll be always thankful for - but fashion and living in the city is not for me. 

We love nature and comfortable clothes - when you will get to know me and see my dresses for sale which I used to wear - you will say "oh yeah, that's soooo not you!!!!" 


When we decided to move to Portugal I sold my designer shoes and handbags and winter clothes.

I was proud to sell my things and give them a new home as they all had plenty life in them.

I decided to sell some of our clothes now here too - because we gained weight :(

We both recently quit smoking (AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT) and with addition of Covid 19 & lockdowns and working from home and the great Portuguese food and wine....oh dear!!!!

I have created this lovely and simple website with our clothes for sale - please enjoy browsing & get yourself a bargain as it's all good quality and been always well looked after.

If you like my website I can help you to create yours - just reach out!


I started to create websites for small businesses as that's something I really enjoy - creation of something new, which is full of colours, combining different designs, utilising my passion for photography and above all interacting with new people in our new country.

Hence I didn't want to create usual online shop where I would just post the parcel and never would see real people.

and another thing is coming up....

We often escaped the famous rain & fog in the UK to the big world and experienced some great adventurous trips - all the way from whales watching in Patagonia or safari in Namibia to scuba diving in Indonesia (for all these trips we have purchased different types of outdoor clothes - most of them you will find here for sale too) and soon I'll publish another of my website called PB travels - we always took our Paddington Bear with us and he would like to share his experience and photos.....

It will be in red & blue colours for obvious reasons ... :) 

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